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Individual Meal Deal! - Carry Out
Medina, NY

2 Huge Slices and 16 oz Drink


Cheese or pepperoni slices and 16 oz. drink. Substitute with gourmet slice add .50 ea
(pick up or dine in only).

Pizza Slice (Select 2):Cheese Pepperoni
Substitute Gourmet Pizza Slice:Spinach Ricotta +$0.50Meat Lover's +$0.50BBQ Chicken +$0.50Buffalo Chicken +$0.50Taco Lovers' +$0.50Broccoli & Chicken Alfredo +$0.50Hawaiian +$0.50Greek-Style +$0.503 Cheese steak Hoagie +$0.50Chicken Cordon Bleu +$0.50Tuscan White +$0.504-Cheese Garlic with Tomato +$0.50Supreme +$0.50Chicken Cacciatore +$0.50The Vesuvio +$0.50Pepperoniest +$0.50
Drink (Select 1):Pepsi Diet Pepsi Sierra Mist Mt. Dew 200Z Gatorade Iced TEa