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Classic Pizza - Carry Out
Medina, NY

Large Cheese (16")


Pizza Meat Toppings (Optional):Pepperoni +$2.50Meatballs +$2.50Ground Beef +$2.50Bacon +$2.50Ham +$2.50Cappicola +$2.50Anchovies +$2.50Italian Sausage +$2.50Chicken Breast +$2.50Breaded Chicken +$2.50Cup and Char Pepperoni +$2.50
Pizza Veggie Toppings (Optional):Fresh-Sliced Mushrooms +$2.50Black Olives +$2.50Banana Peppers +$2.50Fresh Garlic +$2.50Tomatoes +$2.50Fresh Bell Peppers +$2.50Green Olives +$2.50Fresh Broccoli Florets +$2.50Fresh Spinach Leaves +$2.50Breaded Eggplant +$2.50Onions +$2.50
Pizza Crust (Select 1):Traditional Garlic Butter
Pizza Sauce (Select 1):Avanti Original Sweet Sauce New and Improved NY Style Pizza Sauce
Pizza Cheese (Select 1):100% Mozzarella Ricotta Cheddar Provolone American Goat Cheese Feta

Medina, NY